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Hot-rolled round bar

Our hot-rolled bars are available in a wide range of sizes.They are characterized by close tolerances, excellent straightness as well as roundness, good surfaces and low decarburization. This makes them ideally suited for forging.

Size range

Standard hot-rolled bars are delivered in diameters from 14 mm to 200 mm, and in many different sizes. Up to Ø 75 mm they can be delivered at 1 mm intervals. Larger dimensions are available at 5 mm intervals.

Tolerances on dimensions and shape

The tolerances on dimensions and shape for round bars EN 10060 fulfill to European standards. Our rolling mills have excellent capability to produce tighter tolerances, including, half the standard tolerance. Tighter tolerances can be supplied upon request.


The most common bar length is 6 metres, but they also range between 3.5 and 18 meters, depending on the producing rolling mill. Heat treatments may restrict the maximum length.

Manufacturing lengths

If not otherwise specified, the manufacturing length is 6,000 mm (+200 mm). Bar diameter, heat treatment and yield optimization may result in a deviation from this common length.

Exact lengths

At the time of the order, bars can be delivered sawn to exact lengths.


Out of roundness is measured as the difference between the maximum and minimum diameters. Out of roundness is at most two-thirds of the diameter tolerance.


Straightness is measured as the largest deviation from the straight line. Normally the test length is 1.0 meter. Normal straightness is 2 mm/meter maximum. 

Surface quality

Standard surface crack depth is max. 1% of diameter. When an order is made the bars can be inspected, for example, by magnetic dispersion or the magnetic particle method. Normally, surface quality class D can be achieved for diameters up to Ø 80 mm and C for diameters up to Ø 120 mm that comply with EN 10221. 

End executions

Smaller sizes, in the range of Ø 75–90 mm, are normally cold sheared. Larger sizes are hot sawn or abrasive cut. Deburred ends and other end executions are available according to requirements.

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