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The Ovako Cromax operations in Mora are rooted in the region’s tradition of small businesses and craftsmanship.

In 1980, the hard chrome plating facility was purchased and developed to allow for the chrome plating of ground bars from Ovako. The concept of manufacturing hydraulic piston rods in long lengths at high productivity was developed. Ovako Mora AB is now part of Ovako Cromax operations, producing hard chrome plated bars and tubes.

About the municipality

Mora is situated approximately 320 km northwest of Stockholm. It is beautifully situated between Lake Siljan and Lake Orsa in the historic province of Dalarna. Mora municipality has a population of over 10,000. The name itself comes from mor, which means “dense forest on damp land” in Swedish. Mora is well known for its skilled craftsmen. Ovako’s operations in Mora are rooted in the region’s tradition of small businesses and craftsmanship. 

Accommodation and services for new arrivals

At the municipal website, you can find constantly updated information about housing and accommodation. You’ll find details about boards and administrative bodies, records, forms, contacts, calendar, weather and webcams and a lot more. You can also ask questions of  local politicians. 

Living in Mora

Mora offers a variety of outdoor activities. There are more than 20 public beaches around Lake Siljan and Lake Orsa, each featuring beautiful scenery. The area is also perfect for hiking and fishing enthusiasts. Mora offers a lot to the skier, either cross country or downhill. The finish line for the famous Vasaloppet ski race is in Mora.

Schools and childcare in Mora

Mora municipality has more than 20 kindergartens and 13 schools distributed in the various parishes. Most of the schools are village schools, with the number of students ranging from 20 to 200 students.

The largest school located in the central area has about 600 students. The primary school in Mora ranks highly in terms of student achievement.
The St Mikaels School, in collaboration with Orsa Learning Centre and Älvdalens High School, offers secondary school featuring 12 national programs, introductory programs and sports training.

Ovako Mora


Nearest large city

Falun (About 26 km by road)


About the unit

Ovako Mora’s operations include hard chrome plating and piston rod manufacturing.


Work at Ovako Mora

Ovako has approximately 20 employees in Mora, mainly working with sales and production.