Innovative steel
for a better engineered future

Ovako strategy for long-term growth

Ovako’s overall strategy is intended to create an attractive position in the long-term in the European steel market by being the leader in engineering steel, continuously developing the product offering and strengthening customer relationships.

Ovako will be the premier manufacturer and supplier of engineering steel in Europe, with a broader international position in selected niche areas. This leading position will be achieved by the company growing organically in existing and new geographical markets, as well as through acquisitions and mergers.

Ovako will, under a highly reputable brand and associated attribute brands, supply world-class products based on leading application development, metallurgical expertise and production technology. This position will be achieved through long-term investments in production equipment, personnel, and research and development. The new products will increasingly lead customers to choose to replace existing products with Ovako’s products.

Ovako will develop existing strengths with the objective of becoming the most customer-oriented supplier of engineering steel. Through long-term relationships Ovako will become a supplier throughout the lifecycles of its customers’ products. This will be achieved by continuing to adapt to our customers’ value chains, through increased integration with our  customers’ product development and by offering a high-quality service concept and reliable delivery.

Business Concept

Ovako works closely with its customers in the bearing, transport and manufacturing industries, and selectively enters into strong partnerships with major customers on a global basis.

A value proposition based on delivery performance, advanced application development and industry-leading quality makes Ovako the foremost supplier of engineering steel in Europe.

To best meet customer needs, Ovako’s approach is decentralised and flexible and decision paths are short.