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Investor Relations Policy

The aim of Ovako Investor Relations is to create and maintain long-term relations based on mutual trust and understanding between the Ovako and its stakeholders, and to contribute to the correct valuation of Ovako's bond. Ovako does so by disclosing timely and accurate financial and corporate information to the investor community, analysts and the general public, thereby providing stakeholders with the necessary insight to form a qualified opinion about Ovako and the company's outlook.

  • The investor pages on provide access to financial information for investors, analysts and other stakeholders, including financial reports and report press releases.
  • Ovako presents its quarterly and annual results in a meeting with investors, analysts and other stakeholders on the day of the publication of the quarterly report. The meeting is recorded and published on the company's website.

Ovako welcomes contact with the financial community and participates in regular meetings with analysts and investors. However, starting two weeks after a financial report has been published, and until the next financial report is public, the company enters its silent period. During this period Ovako does not participate in any discussions or meetings with investors or analysts other than to clarify information previously published by company.

Ovako does not give guidance on the outlook for the company.