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Finnish Ovako Metals launches new website

Published 2015-08-27

Last spring, Ovako acquired Tibnor's Finnish operations and renamed the company Ovako Metals Oy Ab. Ovako Metals is now launching a new microsite on our website, uniquely for the Finnish market.

The Ovako Metals microsite has a unique look and format, and is designed for the company's operations in Finland, which include warehousing, processing and distribution of steel and other metals for manufacturing, processing and construction companies.

The microsite contains the entire Ovako product range, with everything from special steel to aluminium, copper and stainless steel, in various forms such as bar, tube and sheet.

"With Ovako Metals and the new microsite, Ovako will broaden our offering to our clients in the Finnish and Baltic markets and improve our contacts with the end customers for Ovako's products," says Heikki Nyholm, President Ovako Metals Oy Ab.

The launch of the microsite gives Ovako Metals Oy Ab a unique opportunity to present itself in a new way within Ovako's existing web platform, and also provides access to Ovako's functionality for managing visitor enquiries.

The new microsite can be found at: