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Ovako for students

In order to secure the industry’s future skills needs, Ovako works with a number of colleges and universities in both Sweden and Finland. Engineering students are offered the opportunity of graduate work and traineeships in both countries.

For example, Ovako collaborates with Teknikcollege in Hällefors, Smedjebacken and Hofors. Teknikcollege is a quality stamp for training in which municipalities, providers of education and businesses work together to enhance the attractiveness and quality of technology- oriented courses.


We’re always on the lookout for new talents. Are you one of them?

For you as a student, there are several ways to get to know us and start a career with Ovako. Internships and summer replacements are for those in the beginning of the studies. Our thesis works are initialized problems for those who are approaching the end of their studies.


Thesis work

Interested in doing your master's thesis with us? See general information and recent openings here.


Co-operation with schools

At Ovako, we feel that it is important for young people to get to know an important part of the society - the industry. Who knows, if a project work or a mill tour will saw a seed for a future engineer? Ovako nurtures its contacts with schools and students independently for each country or unit. If you want a presentation on Ovako’s operations, please contact the unit in question. See contact details »



The works may offer internship positions in connection with studies or practical working life orientation. See our locations »


Scholarships in Sweden and Finland

In Sweden, scholarships are available through Swedish steel producers’ association Jernkontoret. 

In Finland, steel and metal producing companies have established a fund, which purpose is to promote university-level research, teaching and studies of technology and business issues concerning the production of metals. Read more on Teknologiateollisuus website.

Get to know us

Mill tours

Where possible, our works are open to visitors. For more information, contact the unit you're interested in directly.


He did it


Viktor Dahlqvist is a process engineer engaged on a special project at Ovako Tube and Ring in Hofors. Here he explains how his master's thesis at Ovako advanced his career. Read more »