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Andreas Littorin

Andreas Littorin is responsible for making sure the right quantity of materials arrive on time and at the right place in Hällefors – his work is varied and fast-paced. Here he talks about his fascination for steel and about working with management, development and technology.

Andreas first came into contact with the steel industry when he was 15 years old and had a summer job at a company in the sector. Even then, he was fascinated by how much could be made from a piece of steel.
“I felt I had an understanding and interest in the industry. It is several hundred years old but at least as significant today as it always has been. It was tempting to work with something as hyper-modern and ancient at the same time.”
Despite his fascination for steel as a material, and its uses, Andreas chose to focus on industrial economics through the MSc program at Karlstad University.
“I was attracted by the breadth of the program, and by the combination of economics and technology, which has suited me very well so far.”
At the end of his course, Andreas applied for a summer job and was offered a post at Ovako in Hällefors. His task was to improve the storage of materials and to develop internal transportation.
“I saw there was potential for improvement and development, purely in terms of processes – such as with materials handling. It felt like a challenge, and I had a great opportunity to make a difference, even though I still hadn’t finished my education.”
Today Andreas works as a production planning manager in Hällefors, where he gets to combine his interests in leadership, development and technology. His main task is to ensure the correct quantities of materials are supplied on time and at the right location. No two days are the same, and the variety of the work makes for a good working environment.
“To be happy in my role you have to enjoy the fast pace and the variety. You have to like looking at the big picture and adjusting the details accordingly. If you’re a perfectionist who loves to bury your head in a spreadsheet of data for hours on end then you’ll probably find it difficult to fit into this role. But it’s perfect for me.”

Andreas Littorin

Lives in: Karlstad

Production planning manager

MSc in industrial economics at Karlstad University

Why did you choose the steel industry?
A material that I understand and that fascinates me. I also like to work high up in the supply chain

What do you enjoy most about your work?
Making a difference and driving improvements

What steel product do you use most often?
Apart from my car, dumbbells