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Gani Mohammed

One day Gani Mohammed can be in Germany, and the next in China. The role of product specialist means a global workplace and a strong focus on customer needs. Here he talks about how he abandoned his dreams of mechanical engineering studies in Germany for Borlänge, and how he benefits from Indian culture in the workplace.

When Gani completed his master’s degree in India he had his sights set on further studies in the mecca of engineering – Germany. But he ended up by chance in much colder climes, namely Borlänge. His plan was to stay in Sweden for one semester, but has still not left the country.
“I felt it was in Sweden that I wanted to work and live, for several reasons. Many Swedish industrial companies are at the forefront and have a global status, which was exciting. In addition, I learned Swedish quickly, in 18 months, which opened up both the labor market and society.”
Gani works as a product specialist at Ovako in Hällefors. Previously, he worked for eight years at another steel company, but chose to move to Ovako in 2013.
“Ovako has several outstanding high-quality products, and I wanted to work at a company with opportunities to grow and ambitions to enter large markets. I felt I would fit because I want to work with technology, marketing, customers and businesses worldwide.”
“In retrospect, I feel I should have started my career here because you learn a lot about the industry from the ground up. Ovako is medium sized, but global. We understand the basis of the whole flow.”
Gani’s working day is highly varied. One day he may be in Germany, China or elsewhere in the world to visit customers, and the next day in Sweden with Ovako’s production and process engineers. He acts as a coordinator and needs to understand customer needs and communicate them internally so Ovako can tailor its manufacturing to meet customer requirements.
“A big advantage of my role is that I get to travel and meet lots of people. This is both stimulating and challenging. When we meet customers in Asia, for example, we have to adjust to the customer – this is really important. Coming from India, I have a little more understanding of Asian culture. I understand the body language, and I can adapt and interpret. This is also an important skill and something positive for Ovako – differences are valued and nurtured here.”

Gani Mohammed

Lives in: Hällefors

Job: Product specialist

Education: MSc in mechanical engineering, MSc in business administration (MBA)

Why did you choose the steel industry?
It was by chance, really, but steel is a very interesting element in our lives. It can also be recycled indefinitely

What do you enjoy most about your work?
Challenging tasks, opportunities to develop new and existing customer applications, customer meetings and meeting new people from different backgrounds

What steel product do you use most often?