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Per Israelsson

Mechanical engineer Per Israelsson never hesitates when presented with new challenges and new responsibilities. He has held four positions in seven years, and immediately accepted when offered the job of rolling mill manager at the age of 25. Per talks about a sense of belonging, being seen in the organization, and always having opportunities for development.

After only two years at Ovako, Per was offered a job as manager of the rolling mill in Smedjebacken. He was only 25, making him one of Ovako’s youngest managers.

“Unlike our Swedish sector peers, Ovako is a relatively small group with many advantages. For example, the sense of belonging is stronger and the atmosphere is friendlier. One advantage of starting at Ovako right after graduating is you are well supported and seen in the organization. If you have the ambition, I feel there are excellent opportunities to take greater responsibility and the chance for new challenges – there is no danger of getting lost in the crowd.”

Per’s first position with the company was as a development engineer in the production organization, which he believes was useful to get a good understanding of Ovako’s manufacturing and products.

“Stepping into a management role after only two years at the company, and also at a relatively young age, I was naturally a little nervous to start with but, with good support from colleagues and the organization itself, I grew into my role fairly quickly. I am driven to develop myself as a person and never hesitate to jump on board, but of course I always try to be responsive and humble in the face of new challenges.”

Per Israelsson

Lives in: Eskilstuna

Job: Site & Production Manager at Ovako in Boxholm

Education: Mechanical engineer

Why did you choose the steel industry? Exciting manufacturing and the forefront of Swedish basic industry

What do you enjoy most about your work? New challenges and seeing the results of hard work

What steel product do you use most often? Aside from my car, probably my kitchen knife