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Finding the best solution for every customer's needs is always our priority at Ovako. We provide a number of service systems and interactive tools for developing solutions and managing orders.


OvaTrack is an extrabet tool designed to support customer service and sales activities. This OvaTrack Extranet version gives selected customers and partners the possibility to process information related to their business activities. Data presented is retrieved from the operative systems in the mills, sales offices and partners in question, and is updated in OvaTrack at regular intervals.


Steel Navigator

Steel Navigator can be used to find the right kind of steel for your needs. The tool includes approximately 200 steel grades covering Ovako's business areas. 
The search can be done in many ways: choosing the steel designation or specifying the chemical composition with carbon and some other elements or choosing the product's application. From the base page of the grade there are a link to data sheets, which contain versatile information about the grade.
There are five language variations in Steel Navigator: English, Finnish, French, German and Swedish.

M-Steel® Calculator

The M-Steel® Calculator provides the cutting data for Ovako's M-Steel grades. The user enters data about the cutting conditions and M-Steel Calculator calculates the recommended cutting speed, sutting stream and the required engine power. M-Steel calculator provides values for turning, drilling and sawing. 


Surcharges – Scrap & Alloy 

Applying Scrap & Alloy surcharges is an established way to adjust steel prices due to national and international variations in cost for scrap and alloying elements. The surcharges are generally based on published prices for the elements.
The reason for applying Scrap & Alloy surcharges is that longer price agreements can be negotiated, to the benefit of both customers and suppliers. Click the country of interest below to see the surcharges.

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