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The Ovako Imatra steelworks sits by the river Vuoksi in southeast Finland, not far from the Russian border. The mill has been operating since 1937.

Ovako Imatra produces low-alloy round bars for the demanding automotive and engineering industries. The steel from Imatra is used in numerous applications, including equipment for power transmission and transformation, axles, gear wheels, connecting rods, springs and wheel-suspension components. The Turenki Steel Service Centre provides mill sales, warehousing and prefabrication services for Ovako Imatra.

Imatra’s best-known product is M-Steel®.

About Imatra

Imatra is modern industrial town. Imatra is 230km from Helsinki and 210km from Saint Petersburg and has about 28,500 inhabitants. The closest neighbour city is Lappeenranta, 35 km south-west.

Living in Imatra

The river Vuoksi runs through the town. Imatra’s rapids is one of Finland’s most popular tourist attractions. The famous Hotel Imatran Valtionhotelli is by the rapids.

School and childcare in Imatra

Imatra offers international classes at the primary and secondary school levels and also the option of specialising in music.

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Ovako Imatra


Nearest large city

Helsinki and Saint Petersburg.


About the unit

Ovako Imatra produces 25- to 200-millimetre-thick round and square steel bars from some 250 different types of steel. The steelworks’ annual capacity about 300,000 tonnes. The main raw material is scrap, which is completely recyclable.


Work at Ovako Imatra

Ovako has approximately 560 employees and is one of the main employers in Imatra. The major areas of expertise include controlling steel, cleanliness, hardening, heat treatment and machinability.