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Ovako Molinella produces induction-hardened and hard chrome-plated bars for hydraulic cylinders. Molinella is located just outside of Bologna.

Ovako has operated out of its current location in Molinella for 11 years. It has a long history of offering quality, robust products whose technical attributes mean they are regarded as market leaders. The main products currently produced are induction-hardened and hard chrome-plated bars for hydraulic cylinders.

About Molinella

Molinella is located in a rural area on the old San Donato Road –
once an important transport link for nearby Bologna. The town has a railway station on the Bologna-Portomaggiore Railway line. The name Molinella comes from the Italian word for mill, molino. This is because during the Middle Ages there were several water mills in the area. Today Molinella has a population of 15,500 and boasts a high standard of living.

Activities in Molinella

Molinella’s historic town centre boasts several interesting buildings, including the leaning tower of the ancient church of Saint Matteo. The town’s surroundings are perfect for lovers of open-air activities.

Living in Molinella

Molinella is located 45 minutes’ drive from Bologna, Italy’s seventh-most populated city. The nearest international airport is Bologna’s Guglielmo Marconi International Airport.

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Ovako Molinella


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About the unit

Ovako Molinella SpA was founded in 1977 as FLUID SpA. The company entered the Fundia Group in 2002 and later became part of the newly formed Ovako in 2005. Its core business is the production of induction-hardened and hard chrome-plated bars for hydraulic cylinders.


Work at Ovako Molinella

Ovako has 40 employees in Molinella, including warehouse, sales and accounting staff.

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