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Safety and Health work

Focus on health and wellness

Ovako’s ambition is for all employees to be healthy during their working years and when they retire. This requires Ovako as an employer to be sensitive to how employees perceive their work situation and that the workplace takes into account both the company and the individual.

Supporting health and wellness is proactively important. Ovako deals with signs of poor health at an early stage by observing individuals and managing the warning signs. Health initiatives largely take place at a local level and include health promoters, fitness subsidies, training opportunities and financial support for leisure clubs.


Safety is a top priority. During the year, Ovako conducted a group-wide management meeting focused on safety issues. Ovako’s ambitions and principles for safety were established in conjunction with this. To succeed in this aim, it
is important to work with production conditions, machinery and equipment as well as employees’ own attitude to, and awareness of, safety in the workplace. Behaviour-based safety has also been strengthened in order that all employees should be made aware of how their own actions affect operational safety.

As part of its safety initiative, Ovako has developed Safety at Work – Ovako’s corporate safety programme. This programme sets the framework for the group’s safety initiatives and clarifies which parts of the efforts are group-wide and how work should be conducted in order to achieve the set objectives.

The ambition is that no accidents should occur in the workplace. Accident rates have been reduced by 24 percent since 2011. The goal is to further reduce the number of accidents that result in sick leave by at least 50 percent by 2015, from reference year 2012. Ovako is working at a high intensity to achieve the set goals. This requires great commitment from managers and employees as well as integration of safety into the day-today work.

Ovako’s safety initiatives are based on clear structures and working methods. Ovako always conducts safety audits in connection with investments and major projects. Legislation, regulations and requirements are then reviewed, as well as internal rules that must be considered during purchasing, installation and use. Risk analysis of production processes have been a natural part of the business for a number of years. Ovako today sets higher demands for old plants, which means that safety is continuously improved.