Drawn bars

Cold-drawn bars from Ovako is produced using special steel from our own steelworks. We tailor steel properties such as strength, machinability, formability and hardenability for the most common customer requirements. The size of the drawn bars can also be tailored to specific needs. The result is that our customers receive a material that supports consistently high-quality production and contributes to cost-effective manufacturing.

Due to the availability of the material and the possibility to tailor the bars to customer requirements, the product is well suited for a wide range of applications. Rolling bearings, transmission components, shafts in automotive water pumps, spindles for textile machines, round files, bolts, springs and drills are a few examples of products made out of drawn bars from Ovako.

Advantages of Ovako’s drawn bars

  • Supports consistently high-quality production
  • Cost-effective manufacturing

Ground bars

Ovako’s ground bars are characterized by straightness, good out of roundness and a fine surface. These are important properties as they contribute to smooth and trouble-free production, especially when it comes to high machining speeds and accurate, vibration less feed movements in automatic lathes.

Our ground bars have a minimum of internal stresses, which significantly reduces the risk of distortion after machining. Ovako’s ground bars is therefore a favorable material for the manufacturing of products like long shafts, rolling bearings and ball bushings.

To simplify the selection of the most suitable quality, ground bar is available in three product groups: Rough ground bars, fine ground bars with standard execution and fine ground bars with special execution. Buying finished ground bars is usually a more cost effective and productive alternative to grinding internally.

Advantages of Ovako’s ground bars

  • Smooth production especially at high machining speeds
  • Accurate and vibration less feed movements in automatic lathes
  • Reduced risk of distortion after machining

Peeled bars

Ovako’s peeled bars save material, tools, machines and production time. Our bar peeling is a well-integrated production process that uses precision equipment. The peeled bar is supplied in a polished and straightened condition. This allows for smoother surface finish, closer tolerances and better straightness, plastic forming as well as further machining.

The good surface finish of Ovako’s peeled bars can sometimes eliminate the need for further surface finishing. This saves material, machining and production time. The extraordinary cleanliness of the steel reduces the risk of unexpected tool failures and downtime. Also, the excellent straightness minimizes the risk of shocks and vibrations that can occur at high cutting speeds.

Ovako’s peeled bars is characterized by a decarburization-free surface, with good smoothness and no surface defects. Peeled bars have close tolerances and an adjusted structure and hardness. They are characterized by good ductility and a low content of non-metallic inclusions. The peeled bars have a good machinability after forming.

Advantages of Ovako’s peeled bars

  • Rationalized production and lower production cost
  • Minimized risk of shocks and vibrations at high cutting speeds
  • Reduced need for further surface finishing
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