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NiKrom™ - Nickel-chrome-plated bars and tubes

NiKrom is the collective brand name for Ovako's programme of nickel-chrome plated bars and tubes. On the North American market, these products are sold under the brand name Socatri.

In the NiKrom process, steel bars or tubes are first coated with a layer of corrosion-resistant nickel followed by an outer layer of hard chrome.

The duplex coating of NiKrom products combines the anti-corrosion characteristics of nickel with the favourable properties of chrome:

  • hard
  • smooth surface
  • low friction 

The result is a piston rod material exhibiting outstanding corrosion resistance and which constitutes the optimum choice for hydraulic applications in aggressive environments or applications where hydraulic function must be guaranteed long-term usage or long periods of storage. 

NiKrom can also be used to good effect in instances where piston rods must remain extended for long periods of time even if the environment is only mildly aggressive. 


Standard NiKrom 500 - Socatri 1500 (USA)

Standard NiKrom 500 (Socatri 1050) carries a guarantee that the product will not corrode after 500 hours exposure in acetic-acid salt spray (ISO 9227 AASS) or 1 500 hours in neutral salt spray (ISO 9227 NSS).

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NiKrom 150 - Socatri 500 (USA)

By special agreement, a nickel-chrome-plated product with a thinner nickel layer can be supplied, NiKrom 150. For this, the corrosion guarantee is no attack after 150 hours exposure in acetic-acid salt spray (ISO 9227 AASS) or 500 hours in neutral salt spray (ISO 9227 NSS).  

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NiKrom surface treatment

NiKrom surface treatment can be offered in combination with any of the steel grades and executions that are available within Ovako's Cromax programme of hard-chrome-plated bars and tubes. For further details, see the presentation of Cromax products. The standard base steel grade for NiKrom bars is 280X.

NiKrom™ applications

  • marine
  • offshore
  • mining
  • military
  • nuclear
  • power generation