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Ground bar

Buying finished ground bars is usually a more cost-effective and productive alternative to grinding internally.

Quality for efficient production

Ovako’s ground bars are characterised by straightness, good out of roundness and a fine surface. These are important properties as they contribute to smooth and trouble-free production, especially when it comes to high machining speeds and accurate, vibrationless feed movements in automatic lathes. Straightness is also particularly important when producing components from long bars. In addition, our ground bars have a minimum of internal stresses, which significantly reduces the risk of distortion after machining. Ovako’s ground bars is therefore a favorable material for the manufacturing of products like long shafts, rolling bearings and ball bushings.

Ground bars in three quality classes

To simplify the selection of the most suitable quality, ground bar is available in three product groups:

  • Rough ground bars
  • Fine ground bars, standard execution
  • Fine ground bars, special execution


Key benefits:

  • Smooth production especially at high machining speeds.
  • Accurate and vibrationless feed movements in automatic lathes.
  • Reduced risk of distortion after machining.

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