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Round corner square bars

Square bars, or billets, are mainly used for drop-forged components in the automotive industry. Ovako‘s round corner square bars have a uniform internal structure and a very good surface quality – absolute requirements when producing drop-forged parts. Round corner squared bars have a suitable shape for forging operations. Its shape also provides higher size flexibility in rolling processes. Round corner square bars from Ovako has a uniform weight distribution over the bar length due to its high consistent quality which makes it possible to produce forging blanks with a small variation in weight. Round corner square bars have no sharp edges which could provoke formation of laps and surface defects during forging operations.

Square bars by Ovako have a uniform inner structure with a very good surface finish and are available in our standard steel grades or even M-treated – all tailored to your specifications.


Key benefits:

  • Offers a uniform weight distribution over the
    bar due to high consistent quality
  • No sharp edges that could cause laps or surface
    defects when forged
  • No overheating of corners in induction heating
    compared to sharp corner bars
  • Easier handling in rotary hearth furnaces since they
    do not require rolling like round bars
  • Safer handling since they do not require rolling

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