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Special properties bar

As a hot-rolled bar with enhanced properties, Special Properties bar by Ovako is not limited to any specific grade and therefore offers increased added value and substantial cost savings due to the SP-Bar treatment‘s effect on mechanical properties. By optimizing the properties of the bar material, customers can benefit from increased added value and substantial cost savings in manufacturing operations.

Size range: 14 to 52 mm

Lengths: 4 to 12 m


Mechanical properties

SP-Bars offers improved mechanical properties compared to regular bars. The result is a longer fatigue life and a greater impact strength.


SP-Bars offer extremely tight tolerances. Consequently SP-Bars can often replace peeled or drawn bars. Customers can decrease the nominal size and get more manufactured pieces per tonne of purchased SP-Bars.

Surface quality

Scale thickness is generally reduced on SP-Bars. The reduction can be up to 50 % compared to conventionally hot-rolled products. The reduced scale thickness gives a cleaner environment in subsequent operations such as cold-forming or heat treatment.




Advantages of SP-bar

  • Tighter tolerances that deliver increased yields and repeatability as well as material savings.
  • Improved mechanical properties that provide longer fatigue life and greater impact strength.
  • Better surface quality that reduces scale and results in cleaner quenching tanks and improved process environment.