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Pure performance in all directions

Left. Right. Center. That’s right, steel components are increasingly getting hit today by high loads in all directions. Manufacturing them with conventional steel can be risky since the difference between their ability to handle traverse and longitudinal loads may be detrimental to the component itself.

That is why some of the world’s most demanding OEMs and forging shops are using IQ-Steel® grades to handle the strain of higher and more complex loads. With a steel that offers performance in all directions, they can achieve lighter, more efficient and compact designs. They get a pure and highly consistent quality that is ideal for extreme pressures and temperatures where cracking or defects are simply not an option.

Rotating bending fatigue

As shown in the diagram below, conventional steels deliver considerably lower fatigue performance in the transverse direction than IQ-Steel. That is partly due to the rolling process whereby the inclusions are often stretched into long and potentially harmful bands. By contrast, IQSteel is designed to perform differently: The inclusions are fragmented into small and therefore harmless particles.


The development of IQ-Steel involved high-frequency immersion ultrasonic testing that enables us to check for inclusions as small as 25 micrometers. This testing method was an instrumental part of the research that led to Ovako’s Head of R&D winning the prestigious Kami Prize in Sweden and IQ-Steel to be included in part of an exhibition on leading innovations. More importantly, it ensures that our customers always get a very high and consistent quality level.

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