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Surface removed and 100% tested

Ovako’s SR-100 Wire is a surface removed and inspected wire that increases the quality of the finished product. Sometimes the surface of rolled base materials is sensitive to cracking and decarburisation, which can have a negative effect on the production economy of the finished product. In the production of SR-100Wire we remove surface defects and carry out a 100%automatic inspection of the surface. Ovako offers wire that meets most requirements for high-grade structural steel and bearing steel. The steels we use for our wire are characterized by high consistency of analysis and cleanliness.

As a rule, our wire is manufactured in accordance with specifications established by our customers. Tolerances and dimensions are adapted to the demands of the finished product and its manufacturing routines.

Size range: SR-100 Wire is produced in any size within the diameter range 11 to 26.5 mm.
Surface treatment: By agreement, SR-100 Wire can be supplied zinc phosphate, soap coated and/or oiled.

Advantages of SR-100 Wire

  • Better economy of production
  • Fewer quality complaints

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