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Hot-rolled, cold-worked tubes

Machining allowances

In most cases we sell tubes for a specific application. To support this all tubes are delivered with a guaranteed finish machined size. Since we produce our products as close to final clean machined components as possible, our entire size range requires minimal machining, with inner or outer centering on a maximum part length of 2.5 x OD. For longer parts an extra allowance is calculated.


The level of a machining allowance is calculated from the tube tolerances. To support our small machining allowances, Ovako has very tight tolerances across the entire size range, both with regard to outer diameter and wall thickness, as well as other parameters such as straightness and ovality. In practice, this means less machining and better yield for the user, resulting in lower component production costs.

OD/Wall tolerances

As shown in the table below.


The maximum deviation from the straight line is 1 mm on a gauge length of 1,000 mm.


The maximum out of roundness is 65% of the total outer diameter tolerance.


Tubes can be delivered with random manufacturing length or to fixed length with tight tolerances.


The components are supplied, packed in collared pallets, arranged randomly or stacked, either unprotected or wrapped in waxed paper or plastic shrink-wrapped, depending on the method of transportation. Customer specific packing specifications can also be met.

Labelling and marking

Material delivered directly from our mill is labelled in accordance with automotive standards, including with both alphanumeric and bar code information. Customer specific data can be added on request.

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Hot-rolled tubes and cold-worked tubes by Ovako offer cleaner components for smaller machining allowances, tighter tolerances and superior surfaces – all delivered on time and with bespoke markings.

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