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Ovako 280 hollow bar

Ovako has an extensive hollow bar stock program with approximately 250 dimensions based on the Ovako 280 general structural steel grade. Ovako 280 is produced according to the same principles as our bearing steels,
which result in a steel with a very high degree of cleanliness and the greatest possible consistency with regards to properties.

Better economy of production

Thanks to the high strength of the tubes in the hot-rolled condition, they can replace conventionally used, more expensive quenched and tempered tubes or eliminate heat treatment during component manufacturing. Due to the technology used for the production, the Ovako 280 hollow bars gains an inherent strength thanks to the accurate monitoring of chemical composition. Tight tolerances throughout the whole size range will result in higher yield and reduced costs for raw materials and machining. The tolerances of Ovako 280 hollow bars are considerably closer than those specified by EN 10294, with regard to outer diameter and wall thickness.

Smoother production

The narrow limits of the chemical composition of Ovako 280 hollow bars contribute to smoother production. The outcome of heat treatment is very consistent with small and predictable dimensional changes.


Higher quality steel structures

Ovako 280 T hollow bars carries a very low risk of failures caused by detrimental inclusions. Fatigue strength is of decisive importance for the safety and life of steel structures. Ovako 280 hollow bars has good weldability and a minimized risk for brittle fracture of welds due to their low carbon equivalent.


Maximum deviation from a straight line is 1 mm/m.


Maximum ovality is 65% of the total tolerance of the OD.

Finished dimensions

Finished dimensions are guaranteed for the clean up of part lengths of maximum 3 x OD.

Shot blasting

Shot blasting is possible for rings up to 1,200 mm and 500 kg.

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Advantages that gives Ovako 280 hollow bar added value

  • Versatility in properties cover many of the customer needs.
  • Availability – 250 sizes in stock at mill of service centers.
  • Low risk of failures caused by detrimental inclusions.
  • Cleanliness of steel and high surface finish gives the best conditions for hard-chrome plating.
  • Better production economy thanks to higher yield which leads to reduced raw material and machining costs.