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Erkrath is situated on the Düssel river, close to Düsseldorf, Wuppertal and Neandertal. Ovako GmbH Erkrath’s focus is on sales and offers a wide range of products to Germany, Austria and Benelux. 

Ovako GmbH Erkrath, Germany is responsible for selling the whole range of Ovako products, with the main customers in the automotive, hydraulics, GE and bearing sectors.

About Erkrath

Erkrath is located on the Düssel river, east of Düsseldorf, close to the historically important city of Neandertal. The city has about 44,000 inhabitants and is a part of the Mettmann district.  

Living in Erkrath

Erkrath offers a very good infrastructure and a variety of leisure activities. The nearest international airport is Düsseldorf Airport; you can get there by car in just 25 minutes. There are lots of facilities for active living – indoor and outdoor pools, parks, hiking trails. Erkrath has more than 200 sports clubs, private and church organizations. Many players from the club Fortuna Düsseldorf professional football choose to live in Erkrath, due to its pleasant surroundings.

Schools and childcare in Erkrath

Erkrath is home to all the usual education facilities, including 20 preschools, nine primary schools and two high schools. Erkrath also has a school for children with learning difficulties. The city even has an adult high school and a music school.

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Ovako GmbH


Nearest large city

Düsseldorf (580 000 habitants)


About the unit

Ovako GmbH was founded in 1954 and offers a wide range of products. The unit sells products such as bar, bright bar and tube & rings in Germany, Austria, and the Benelux countries.


Work at Ovako Erkrath

Ovako has 37 employees in Erkrath, including two apprentices. The major focus is in sales and therefore the majority of employees work in sales.