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Ovako Moscow is a small sales office selling the product ranges from Hofors-Hällefors, Imatra, SmeBox, Bright Bar (Cromax) and Tube and Ring departments.

Ovako Moscow has recently started to develop most of its units in the Russian market. The unit has a small team, offering stability and the potential for development.

About the municipality

Moscow is a major political, economic, cultural and scientific centre in Russia and boasts the largest population of any city in Europe. The city is rapidly growing and has over 10 million inhabitants. Saint Basil’s Cathedral, located in the famous Red Square, is one of Moscow’s best-known architectural masterpieces.

Accommodation and services for new arrivals

The city offers a variety of different housing options, including rental apartments and houses for sale. Renting an apartment is a good, cheap option if you plan to stay in Moscow for some months.  

Living in Moscow

Moscow has all kind of facilities and leisure activities within easy reach, such as hospitals, daycare centres, gyms, recreation areas, nature reserves and cultural facilities. Guests and visitors receive guaranteed medical assistance.

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Ovako Moscow


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About the unit

Ovako in Moscow is a sales office, selling the product ranges from Hofors-Hallefors, Imatra, SmeBox, Bright Bar (Cromax) and Tube and Ring departments.


Work at Ovako Moscow

The unit was established 2007 and has five employees, including sales managers and sales assistance.

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