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Completing a thesis at Ovako

Would you like to do your thesis with us? Several thesis projects in various fields are completed each year within Ovako. They are a part of our continuous development process aiming at new products and new or improved production technology.

When applying for a thesis project with Ovako, you should describe which kind of project you are interested in, tell us about yourself, and attach your CV to the application. Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests or ideas concerning a thesis in our fields of operation.

First and foremost our job is to understand what customers require from our steel and our products, and see to it that the customer’s requests are met. The development of steel and component production meet stringent scientific criteria, and our production processes are in every sense “high-tech”.


Rules for thesis work in Sweden

  • The thesis should be a final university thesis.
  • You must have an examiner at the school who is in charge and a mentor / contact person both on campus and with us.
  • The work will culminate in a written report to be presented orally at Ovako.
  • The company's privacy practices may result in some restrictions in work and presentation.
  • Financial compensation is paid per credit. Payment Form is in agreement with the respective contact person in HR departments.

Would you like to do your thesis with us?

Contact our HR department for more information.