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Safety first

As co-workers at Ovako, we actively work with a variety of issues that affect us on a day-to-day basis, both at work and beyond.

We actively strive for safety at Ovako
Ovako has worked with safety issues for many years. This work goes under the banner of "Safety First", which means that work is never so important that it should be performed even if safety cannot be guaranteed. Safety is our top priority, and Ovako's vision is for zero accidents and zero occupational diseases.

Ovako works preventively and systematically with occupational health and safety in order to achieve this vision. Working systematically with occupational health and safety at Ovako includes constantly making our machinery safer, conducting safety inspections and making sure that risk assessments are carried out if any changes are made to our operations. It also means that all staff are trained in safety, and that all Ovako employees are expected to report and resolve risks.

The success of health and safety also requires active and clear leadership of all our employees, which is why the company continuously strives to develop the leadership abilities of our managers and co-workers. Ovako has a large number of excellent leaders who are passionate about health and safety, and this in turn helps us to develop our safety culture.

We care about each other at Ovako
Achieving Ovako's vision of zero accidents means that we work together and in collaboration. Safety at Ovako is about caring for each other.

We work actively with health and wellness at Ovako
As a responsible employer, health and wellness are an important focus for Ovako, and it is crucial to be proactive. We offer a number of courses, such as the training provided by some of our larger units to co-workers on issues related to shift work, covering matters such as sleep, diet, exercise and alcohol.

Ovako reacts to ill health at an early stage by being attentive to individuals and by managing the warning signs. Health is largely dealt with at a local level, and includes health promoters, subsidies for preventative care, opportunities for exercise and financial support for clubs.

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Everybody should remain healthy
One of Ovako's objectives is that all co-workers should be healthy when they retire. This requires that we listen to how our co-workers feel about their work situation and that the workplace is designed in a way that is tailored to individual needs. Achieving this means that we always have to consider issues such as ergonomics and health whenever we make new investments or planned redevelopment.