Until now, the world of steel has been divided into clearly separated categories – the specialist tool steels, maraging steels and stainless steels and the more common engineering steels. That has always meant that steel selection was a compromise between the desire for high performance and the demand for production economy. But now there is no longer any need to compromise. With Hybrid Steel you can enjoy the best of all worlds.

We have developed Hybrid Steel to meet the demands of high-stress, elevated-temperature applications where mechanical and fatigue strength are critical. Traditionally, steels for these applications are produced by expensive small-batch processes. Hybrid Steel, however, enables high volume production at a competitive cost.

The result is a steel with three times the yield and tensile strength of conventional steel at temperatures up to 500°C. These properties are ideal for a wide variety of highly-stressed applications such as engine components, bearings, and tools for various purposes. And because Hybrid Steel develops its full properties after tempering at temperatures with very low distortion, manufacturers are able to eliminate production steps. The low distortion enables strongly reduced manufacturing costs, especially when grinding is an important consideration.

And it gets even better. Because Hybrid Steel also offers new possibilities for surface treatment, welding and enhanced corrosion resistance. We are only just starting to discover the opportunities for Hybrid Steel in many diverse applications. And in the coming year we look forward to exploring how it can help you improve your product performance while optimizing your production costs.