The new module is our Piston Rod Selector. Developed by our experts, this tool is designed to help you compare how different steel grades used in piston applications will resist buckling. More details are available in a separate article. 

The most important new features are the Ovako knowledge tools. These will help you access in-depth technical information about steel. The tools include our Welding Guide, all our published Technical Reports and White Papers and a useful Glossary of steel terminology.

For anyone who wants to research even further, they can use our Useful links to find information from across the broader steel industry. And if you would like to learn even more about steel you can sign up for some e-learning.

We plan to continue to develop these features as well as adding more of them.

Material Data Sheets

Our Material Data Sheets (MDS) help you to search across several hundred Ovako steel grades using a filtering system based on the parameters that are most relevant to your application. The result is a list of steels that provide the closest match.

MDS also offers extensive information about each steel grade, including its chemistry and mechanical properties as well as production factors like weldability and machinability. 

M-Steel Calculator

We can apply the M-treatment to any steel grade. It uses a special treatment to modify the non-metallic inclusions as well as closely regulating the levels of calcium, oxygen and sulfur. Using M-Steel can maximize machinability and maintain fatigue strength. It offers the potential to save up to 30-40 % in production cost without any loss of quality.

The M-Steel Calculator will help you choose the right cutting set-up depending on your cutting method and the material used. You will also get specific information on machine power; chip stream and the expected surface quality of your material. The M-Steel calculator will also calculate the difference between these parameters when using M-Steel and a conventional steel. 

Heat Treatment Guide

The Ovako Heat Treatment Guide (HTG) is a tool developed to increase the understanding of how different alloying elements influence steel hardness after quenching and/or tempering. It calculates:

  1. CCT-diagram (hardness as a function of cooling rate)
  2. Jominy-curve and DI-value
  3. Core hardness after quenching of a bar with a user-specified diameter (water, oil and air quenching)
  4. Tempering diagram (hardness and strength as a function of tempering temperature)

This tool is valid for most steel grades (carbon steels, engineering steels, tool steels, maraging steels, PH-steels, stainless steels etc). The input needed to perform a calculation is the alloy composition. Around 1,000 different steel grades are listed, so all you need to do is select the grade you are interested in and the tool will fill in the alloy composition automatically. If your own grade is not listed, then you can enter the composition manually.

See the new Steel Navigator here