As a result of the current situation with COVID-19, the world is facing one of the largest health,
industrial and financial challenges in modern times. Recent developments, with government
authorities around the world having to introduce measures like closing borders, have had a direct
impact on our market.

Through strong action, we are doing our part to help prevent further spread of the virus, while
safeguarding the needs of our customers, stakeholders, employees and the business.
To ensure the health and safety of our employees we have implemented strict safety precautions,
aligned with the recommendations from recognized health authorities such as the World Health
Organization (WHO) and relevant local health authorities. These precautions include restrictions
on travel, meetings and visitors, as well as reinforced guidelines on hygiene and exposure.

To protect our business and to reduce costs, we will implement various forms of temporary
layoffs, governed by the rules that apply in each country. These temporary layoffs will range from
20 percent to 40 percent, or more, depending on the market need.

We are confident that with efficient preventative measures, close dialogue and good collaboration
we will fulfill our commitments to our employees, customers and partners during this turbulent

Please reach out to your contact at Ovako if you have any questions or concerns.