In the NiKrom process, steel bars or tubes are first coated with a layer of corrosion resistant nickel, followed by an outer layer of hard chrome. The combination of the anti-corrosion characteristics of nickel and the favourable surface properties of chrome results in a rod material exhibiting outstanding corrosion resistance where function must be guaranteed in long-term usage or long periods of storage.

As the softer, more ductile and crack-free nickel layer is stable during time and when mechanical stress is applied, the nickel layer will fully compensate for the inevitable crack-propagation in the chrome-layer.

NiKrom is used in all applications with aggressive atmosphere such as mining, offshore or chemical plants, but also where rods are exposed for long periods of time, e.g. tailgate lifts, snow ploughs or ski lift systems.

NiKrom 500, or Socatri 1500 (USA), has a minimum 30 µm nickel layer and carries a guarantee that the product will withstand 500 hours in acetic-acid salt spray (ISO 9227 AASS) or 1500 hours in neutral salt spray (ISO 9227 NSS).

By special agreement, a nickel-chrome-plated product with a 10 µm nickel layer can be supplied, NiKrom 150. For this, the corrosion guarantee is the product will withstand 150 hours exposure of acetic-acid salt spray (ISO 9227 AASS) or 500 hours in neutral salt spray (ISO 9227 NSS).