Prior to delivery, all Cromax products are controlled to ensure optimal micro-crack distribution with high crack density. These properties together with closely controlled pre-treatment, plating process and finishing procedures, guarantee superior corrosion resistance. Ovako’s quality assurance system includes a thorough final inspection of every single product as well as verification in salt-spray testing of all combinations of steel heat, rolling operation and plating batch.

Wear resistance

Abrasive wear on the rod due to contamination particles from both outside and inside the hydraulic system leads to direct oil leakage and secondary damage on sealing system, which is unacceptable from an environmental and productivity point of view. The consistency in the Cromax process and our extensive quality control system ensures minimal variation in chrome thickness and hardness, which are the most significant parameters from this perspective.

Lubrication of sealing system

With the right surface roughness and structure as well as an optimized micro-crack distribution, Cromax products secures correct lubrication to the sealing system.