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BQ-Steel®- for design towards maximum fatigue strength

BQ-Steel® - for design towards maximum fatigue strength

BQ-Steel is a bearing quality clean steel that has been optimized for fatigue strength by a strict control of steel cleanliness. BQ-Steel is also ideal for new design solutions in a wide array of demanding applications outside the bearing industry that require longer performance and higher loads.

The extended performance, higher loads and high cleanliness of BQ-Steel are a result of the Ovako clean steel program. Purity of production means that the material has significantly smaller inclusions compared to conventional steel and, as a result, the fatigue strength of the steel is increased dramatically. Use of the material allows components to be manufactured in smaller sizes.

Component downsizing and increased loading are both issues facing manufacturers today as space restrictions and lower operating weight are driven by energy conservation. Ovako’s new generation of bearing quality steel, BQ-Steel, is optimised and well-proven in applications where fatigue strength is critical, allowing component manufacturers to rethink their design solutions. High strength through hardening and high fatigue resistance through steel cleanliness facilitate the manufacture of components to meet the requirements of today and tomorrow. This is true for a wide range of industries where high cyclical loading is an issue. 

Control from start to finish
By controlling the entire chain of production, from melt to rolling and final component, we can guarantee precise results. To verify the result we use front-end test and inspection methods to secure the demands of high cleanliness and enable lighter and stronger solutions. As part of the process, we verify that the quality of the BQ-Steel® will result in superior fatigue properties. Rotating bending fatigue testing is an important and frequently used technique.


Figure1. Fatigue strength of engineering steels vs. defect size.


Ovako customer service

The BQ and IQ processes can be applied to all our steel grades. We can work closely with customers to optimize the steel supply chain to meet your requirements, including multiple product packages. The material is available in tubes, bars and rings. All of our services are underpinned by a detailed understanding of the industrial applications of our products, while paying as much attention as possible to your needs with regular direct contact. Ovako can advise you on how to best implement BQ-Steel and IQ-Steel for components in demanding applications.


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Key benefits

  • Increased load per weight capacity. E.g. Nm/kg
  • Decreased cost per load unit. E.g. €/Nm
  • System and component size reduction at fixed torque
  • Increased performance for Ultra high cycle fatigue. E.g. High rpm E-drive


BQ-Steel® and IQ-Steel® brochure