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Ovako Italy - Magazzino Prodotti dal Pronto

Ovako is a leading European producer of engineering steel for customers in the bearing, transportation and manufacturing industries.

Our production is based on recycled steel and includes steel in the form of bars, tubes, rings and pre-components.

Ovako Italy Sales Unit is placed in Milano Via Varesina 204, formed by Sales Office plus Warehouse Service Center having a capacity of > 200 tons among:

  • Bearing Tubes Hot Rolled / Cold Worked  in 100Cr6 – 100CrMo7 – 100CrMo7.3
  • 280 Tubes  Hot Rolled in 19MnVS6
  • Bearing Hot Rolled annealed Bars in 100Cr6 – 100CrMo7 – 100CrMo7.3

All other Tubes, Bars, Rings, Pre-components grades on request to be produced in our Steel Plants.

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Ovako Italy
Via Varesina 204, 
20156 – Milano

Fax +39 051880482

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