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Ovako’s Hällefors production units produce and process steel products. Hällefors Municipality is located in the beautiful Bergslagen region and within the Örebro province. The plant is three-hour car drive from both Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Ovako has two production units in Hällefors: Hofors AB and Hällefors AB. These comprise of a billet-handling facility plus a medium rolling mill with a bar hall. The steel that is produced is processed using heat treatment, turning, grinding, pulling and cutting.

About the Municipality

Hällefors has about 7,000 inhabitants and is situated in the Bergslagen region and within the Örebro province. The municipality strives to be ecologically sustainable and is a member of Sveriges Ekokommuner – Sweden’s organisation for eco-municipalities. Hällefors has been associated with ironworks since the 1800s.

Leisure activities in Hällefors

Hällefors’s rich natural environment, including numerous lakes, presents visitors with excellent opportunities for adventure activities. Fishing, hunting, canoeing, mountain climbing and riding are just a few examples. There are also good transport links to major cities, such as Örebro and Karlstad. Grythyttan is a centre for the culinary arts, for those interested in food and drink.

Accommodation and services for new arrivals

Hällefors Municipality offers rental apartments, cooperative housing (bostadsrätter) and dwellings in a range of price categories.

Schools and childcare in Hällefors

Hällefors boasts two primary schools and several kindergartens, as well as a secondary school with a focus on industrial technology.

The municipality also provides childcare and after-school care.

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About the units

Ovako Hällefors produces steel products for the automotive and ball bearing industries, among others.


Work at Ovako Hällefors

Ovako employs about 500 people in Hällefors. Salespeople, marketers, IT experts, operators, mechanics and electricians are a few of the specialists employed.