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WR-Steel® – your wear resistance advantage.

WR-Steel® – your wear resistance advantage

WR-Steel®, which stands for wear resistant steel, includes a broad range of grades with a wide range of hardness levels, dimensions and steel grades designed to give you a wear-resistant advantage when making products exposed to a high degree of wear and where service life is important.

The whole idea is to combine cost efficiency at the manufacturing stage with just the right wear resistance in your end product. The WR-Steel mission is to optimize the wear resistance of your products and, at the manufacturing stage, give you the flexibility you want to be able to form, shape and weld the steel to fit your engineering needs precisely. With three main metallurgies of billets, blooms and ingots, the WR-Steel product range is the broadest of its kind in Europe and includes more than 30 different types of boron steel and special grades for mining applications.

Customized heat treatment

Ovako's range of WR-Steel is characterized by consistent quality, tight process controls and good repeatability. No matter if you are overseeing a highly automated operation with pre-set quenching times, or if you are at a more traditional shop. Either way, you depend on a consistent level of quality  to get the same high quality hardening result - batch after batch.


Prolonged service life

By choosing the correct WR-Steel you can prolong your service life. Longer service lifecycles mean fewer parts replacements, greater work efficiency and, ultimately, cost reductions.


Figure 1. shows the results from a simulation of industrial abrasive sliding wear, which provides a good relative performance indicator for prolonging service life. Wear service life = Total accumulated weight reduction of reference grade (mild steel)/accumulated weight reduction of the corresponding grade.


Service across your operations

The product forms in which we can supply WR-Steel eliminate or minimize time-consuming fabrication steps. You can choose from a diverse range of hot-rolled round and flat bars or special profiles that are close to net shape. Furthermore if you need to punch, drill or shape a WR-Steel component then it may be advantageous to do this in the steel's soft condition in order to minimize tool wear and tear.

Figure 2 shows how the hardness profile from a gas cut edge declines significantly around the edge of the plate where the cut occurs. This can be avoided with WR-Steel in the form of hot-rolled bar of special profiles that require less cutting where wear resistance is critical.


Ovako as your technical partner

We work closely with our customer in the development and sully of specialised steel alloys. We can offer advice on applying the diverse WR-Steel program that is available for demanding applications and we fully understand how alloying and heat treatment steps can boost your productivity and help you to achieve just the right hardening properties.


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Key benefits

  • Prove superior wear resistance
  • Broad range of hardness intervals (350 - 650 HV)
  • Right properties after rolling or heat treating
  • Cost-effective due to optimized alloy content for different end applications.
  • Wide range of steel grades in different dimensions.


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