Bearing Steel

Bearing steel is a core product and competence of Ovako. We have been part of the search for the optimum bearing performance for more than 120 years. Where one of our major contributions has been to drive the clean steel parameter onwards.

Still though, the basic chemistry is almost the same as 120 years ago, 1 % carbon and about 1.5% Chromium. That parameter was set close to perfection already from the beginning. Giving a steel with high hardness and enough toughness for its application, rolling bearings

Over the years, there has been added versions with increased hardenability for larger bearing sizes

Standard bearing tubes

Bearing Steel for non-bearing applications

The Basic parameters for a Bearing performance as Hardness, Wear resistance and Fatigue are useful in many other applications.

Structural applications that need High strength and hardness with excellent wear resistance, or tool applications that require high hardness and wear resistance, with excellent form stability. All with a need of good machinability and easy to heat-treat to final shape and property.

Bearing steel tubes and size standard

As long as Ovako has made the Bearing steel we have made tubes in bearing steel too. Tubes used to make bearing races.

In order to better serve this market we have developed a size standard from which we can offer smaller minimum order quantities. Several of these sizes are also kept in stock for shortest lead time and lowest min order quantity.

Advantages of Ovako Standard Bearing tube 

  • Easy access of a versatile steel
  • Minimized machining from large number of std sizes
  • Minimized machining from tubes with small machining allowances
  • Min order quantity
  • Short lead time
  • World class bearing steel

The Bearing tube standard

The standard is a comprehensive list of sizes from OD 50.6 to 243.5 mm, with several ID/Wall thickness alternatives per OD. Making the choice easy for minimum machining. In the list, you will find the largest guaranteed finished turned size per tube size, as well as all properties of the bearing steel itself.


Steel Navigator - Find the right steel for your application

Steel Navigator contains a selection of useful tools such as Material Data Sheets, Machining Calculator, Heat Treatment Guide, Piston Rod Predictor and more.

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Steel Navigator - Find the right steel for your application