For improved fatigue strength, our range of BQ-Steel® has a long and proven track record from the bearing industry. Moreover, the BQ-Steels are also used in many other applications where high mechanical strength is critical. The IQ- Steel® family offers an additional performance level in fatigue strength for components loaded multi-axially. Their fatigue performance is equally good in all directions. Our range of M-Steel provides an optimum solution for improved machinability and grindability. They also display good multi-axial fatigue performance, not on the level of BQ/IQ but significantly better than corresponding standard steels. The WR-Steel family is used in areas where high wear resistance is especially important, for example for wear steel in graders. SZ-Steels are applied when a combination of high strength and high impact toughness is needed, primarily at low temperatures.

The Hybrid Steel family is a new development that combines properties of engineering steel with those of maraging steel, tool steel and even stainless steel.

Explore our steel families and use our Steel Navigator to find the right steel for particular needs. Together with what is available across the Nippon Steel Corporation Group, we are sure that we can provide just the solution needed.

Reducing global CO2 emissions demands smarter product solutions and requires rethinking on many levels: more performance benefits per kilogram of product, less raw materials, and substituting fossil fuel energy sources with primarily fossil-free electricity.

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Steel Navigator - Find the right steel for your application

Steel Navigator contains a selection of useful tools such as Material Data Sheets, Machining Calculator, Heat Treatment Guide, Piston Rod Predictor and more.

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Steel Navigator - Find the right steel for your application