Our employee story

We believe that most people would like to see their work as more than just a job. They look for an open and friendly atmosphere, where everybody is somebody, with opportunities to develop. Many appreciate the feeling of working with something that makes the world better.

Ovako is offering all of that, together with nature just around the corner. We are a Nordic-based world leader in sustainable steel, building a better future together. Some call us humble, but that’s not exactly true. Because frankly, we know that changing the world starts with us. Be part of our journey. 

Sara, Ovako employee

We've been nominated!

The Career Company is an award for employers who offer unique career and development opportunities for both students and those who have already been working for a few years.

Every year, The Career Company selects Sweden's most attractive employers, and the chosen ones can proudly carry the title of a Career Company for that year. Initially, employers need to meet the basic criteria and pass a selection process. In this process, an expert panel reviews and ensures that the employers meet the required standards and engage in high-quality work to be an attractive employer from various perspectives. A distinguished jury then select those who become The Career Company. Ovako was named Career Company in 2023.

This year, Ovako has been nominated for the Newcomer of the Year award with the motivation: 

"Ovako is a newcomer that has made an impressive impact in a short time with its solid employer branding efforts. It's clear that Ovako has its heart in the right place. With great passion and expertise, they create a secure workplace with room for development. There is no doubt that employees are their most valuable asset. The Career Company hereby nominates Ovako for Newcomer of the Year"