In mining and construction, a wide range of different machines and tools are used that all have one thing in common: they are subject to many types of aggressive conditions, involving high loads, fatigue, wear and more. They also need to be fabricated in a way that allows high productivity and high repeatability. Ovako’s range of steel, for almost all such tools, are tailored to meet the needs in both production and use.

We support all the three areas of rock drilling: top hammer, down-the-hole and rotary drilling. In top hammer drilling, our steel is used for all parts from shank adaptor to the drill bit, also including all part of the drill rods and coupling. In down-the-hole and reverse circulation drilling we also supply to all parts of the drill string, from tubes and end pieces down to all parts of the hammer and bit. For rotary drilling and diamond core drilling we supply to the actual drilling tools, components such as raise bore cutters, tricone bits and legs, PDC bits, diamond core bits and core retrieval systems.

In other areas of this environment, we supply the steel in both top hammer drifters as well as hydraulic breakers, including the critical piston components. More wear related components in continuous mining as point attack tool holders and mining chain conveyors benefit from our knowledge in WR-Steels.

Using the right steel will enable superior end products, with extended life time and fatigue resistance and opportunities to maximize energy input in drilling. Ovako’s steel also offers opportunities for cost-efficient machining and in general a reliable, repeatable processing.

Ovako can supply cost-efficiently to any performance requirement. We also have the opportunities to supply near-net-shape and pre-cut components, and products in a wide range of grades, sizes and formats.

Digital Support Tool - Steel Navigator

With Ovako’s Steel Navigator, finding the right clean steel has never been easier. Search by material properties, applications or end products. Compare with standard steels. And calculate machine settings to save time and increase tool life. Our digital Heat Treatment guide even helps you save time and money by predicting how a specific steel grade composition will perform after heat treatment. Whatever your application, our web-based steel selection tools let you explore hundreds of high quality steel products to find the right match for your specific needs.

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