Environmental aspects have always been a fundamental part of Ovako’s business. Ovako has reduced carbon emissions with 58 % since 2015 (based on Calender Year) through efficient processes, the use of fossil-free electricity and dedicated investments such as conversions to fossil-free fuels for heat treatment resulting in a carbon footprint 80 % lower than the global average. Ovako’s goal is to achieve zero-carbon emission steel. Already as of January 2022, Ovako provides products based solely on carbon-neutral steel production by counterbalance the remaining carbon emissions through carbon offsets.

Ovako differentiates itself in the market by using only steel scrap as input material instead of iron ore. Since steel can be recycled an infinite number of times without its properties deteriorating, Ovako can manufacture steel with a lower climate impact without compromising the quality of the steel.

We have chosen to divide our environmental efforts in the following areas Climate, Efficient Processes, Climate-Smart Products, Recyclability & Recycled Content and Use of Chemical Substances.

Read about our Sustainability Targets and our path to Carbon Neutrality.


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