Anneli Anhelm is driven by turning questions into answers, and by developing the steel products of the future. Meet Anneli Anhelm, head of technical customer service and product development, who tried out a number of opportunities before she knew what she wanted to work with.

Meet Anneli Anhelm 

Employee at production site Anneli Anhelm, Head of technical customer services and product development
Employee at production site Helena Erkkilä, Steel mill manager in Imatra

Helena Erkkilä manages Ovako’s steel mill in Imatra. On her direct, but also convoluted, path here, she has been able to try a lot of different things. She has developed, and has been able to work closely with both production and customers. It is precisely this that she sees as the advantage of Ovako – no two days are alike.

Sebastian Smed started his personal journey at Ovako as a summer temp in 2010 - but Sebastian is actually the fourth generation in an unbroken line of the Smed family to work at Ovako in Hällefors. Ever since that summer, he has continued progressing within the company and in addition to his role as a process operator at the rolling mill, Sebastian is also a safety and union representative for IF Metall.

Meet Sebastian Smed



Employee at production site Sebastian Smed, Process operator at the rolling mill, safety and union representative for IF Metall
Employee at production site Julia Hermansson, Controller

Julia Hermansson has been a controller at Ovako Hällefors since 2017. Her role as a controller includes preparing and following up business plans, budgets and financial statements to analyze and evaluate operational performance. When the opportunity arose for a job that turned out to be a good fit with where she was in her life and education, she jumped at the chance to apply - a decision she has never regretted!

Meet Julia Hermansson