The advance of electrification is placing higher demands on efficiency and power density. This means that hydraulic rotary units are subject increasingly to high loads and consequently high cycle fatigue issues. Ovako has extensive experience as a supplier of high cleanness steel to the bearing, transmission and hydraulic industries, where these requirements are on the everyday agenda.

Shafts, pistons

Many rotary unit components are subject to high rotational speeds and high loads. To promote slim, compact component design and maximum reliability, Ovako IQ-steel offers interesting possibilities. IQ-Steel is a smart solution for designing reliable components that can withstand the strains associated with higher and more complex loads. This ultra clean steel is optimized for fatigue strength by the strict control of cleanness and offers uniform and excellent properties in all loading directions.

Cam ring/roller/lobe/star

In high load rolling or sliding contact applications, such as on a radial piston motor cam ring or roller, or gerotor unit lobe or star, Ovako BQ-steel comes into its own. Purity of production means that this material has significantly smaller inclusions compared to conventional steel and, as a result, its fatigue strength is increased dramatically.

Forged parts

In many cases, forging is used to produce gears for gear pumps and motors, gerotor stars, shafts and other rotary unit components. Ovako works closely with forging companies as part of a well-established supply chain for high performing end products. 


Ovako pump motor


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