Access the experience and knowledge of our global network of engineering steel specialists. Ovako’s comprehensive technical support draws on our knowledge and experience in a wide range of applications and production methods. This not only covers the properties of our steel but also heat treatment and machining. We can help customers get the most out of their steel products and attain the highest quality results, with the best production economy.

We have deep experience based on our world-leading product portfolio and extensive knowledge of customer applications. Dedicated teams serve most of our indus-trial sectors and have developed in-depth understanding of our customers and their technologies.

Our R&D network is at the forefront of engineering steel development. Our researchers work closely with our sector teams. Our transparent approach to service places Ovako at the forefront for helping our customers develop smaller and lighter components for ever higher levels of cost efficiency.

Ovako experience and knowledge
Steel material


We provide specialist support for prototyping to shorten the lead time for components and system development projects. These projects typically benefit from short lead times and tailored prototype materials. Forgings, bars and machined pre-components are our main prototype formats, but we can also deliver tube components such as precision blanks, as well as rolled rings on request. Lead times vary, depending on the level of service required and availability of stock.

Material Investigations

Steel specifications can allow for large variations in component performance, especially if they rely only on old established standards. Our comprehensive material analysis service focuses mainly on establishing the cleanness levels of steels. The aim is to reduce lead time for development projects and to establish performance level of existing solutions. The analysis will indicate the current material’s performance level and recommend alternative materials to achieve the desired performance level.

We can also handle emergency cases, where customers have experienced unexpected failure. Our researches can report within a few days to support root cause analysis. Lead times for emergency cases vary depending on our available laboratory capacity.


Steel Navigator - Find the right steel for your application

Steel Navigator contains a selection of useful tools such as Material Data Sheets, Machining Calculator, Heat Treatment Guide, Piston Rod Predictor and more.

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Steel Navigator - Find the right steel for your application