OvaTrack is a web portal that enables selected Ovako users, customers and partners to view up-to-date information on the status of their orders and other business activities. Once logged in, the customer can follow the order through the production process and view expected date of delivery. Our services can ensure that customers get the steels they need when they want them, 24 hours around the clock to perfectly suit the project's time scale and cost requirements.

OvaTrack provides information about production schedules for some of the production mills, deliveries to selected destinations and up-to-date information on stocks. Site links enables access to all agreed documents, such as inspections reports (certifications), order confirmations, dispatch advice and invoices. All being downloadable. Information from OvaTrack can be exported to Excel or other systems for further processing.


With an OvaTrack account, customers are provided with daily updates known as the Personalised Information Service. This service enables customers to subscribe to alerts about activities related to their orders, such as production, delivery and invoicing status.

Selected users can also use OvaTrack for entering repeat orders for specific Ovako production units. In the past years, some 250 customers have used OvaTrack. Today, about 500 are set up to receive alerts and documents.