Fix lengths, mm 10–100




OD 30-100





OD (100)–250





On request we can also offer a tighter length tolerance and better finish of cut surface in the following range.

Size range: 80–179 mm OD
Lengths: 14,5–69 mm
Max weight: 5,0 kg
Max wall: 25 mm
Length tolerance: +0,8 / -0 mm

Informative image: Pre-components from tube

Deviations from square cut are within the tolerance above, however limited to the following values: Deviations from square cut max 1,0 % of outer diameter. Deviations from square cut determin the tolerance when the deviation exceeds the tolerance.

Surface finish

Basically the surface finish is as the tube surface finish, except that band sawn tube cuts also get sand blasted. Sand blasting can also be offered on other cut rings, on request.


Cut lengths of less than 1.15 m are delivered on pallet with collars secured with steel or plastic bands (max weight app. 1000 kg). Alternative packaging can be discussed.


Every pallet is marked with the following information if nothing else is declared, in bar coding and normal text.

  • Supplier
  • Customer
  • Diameter
  • Length
  • Order number
  • Weight
  • Number
  • Steel grade
  • Heat number

Order quantity

To optimize the order size of cut rings we can offer either a close size from our wide range of standard tube sizes in bearing steel or mechanical hollow bars in grade Ovako 280. But of course If you need cut rings from another grade we can offer the special size and grade you need.

Minimum quantity

If the original tube is a standard tube: 900 kg
If the original tube is not a standard tube: 7 000 kg
A logistic agreement can replace the general minimum quantity above, as well as lead times.

Production program

The diameter, tolerances and surface finish of components are the same as those stated for the full length tube.

Outer diameter: 25–254 mm
Lengths: 10–7,000 mm

Cut rings can be delivered shot blasted on request. Deviations from square cut are within the tolerances above, albeit limited to the following values.

  • Deviations from square cut are to be a maximum of 1.0% of Outer Diameter.
  • Deviations from square cut determine the tolerance
    when the deviation exceeds the tolerance.


The components are supplied, packed in collared pallets, arranged randomly or stacked, either unprotected or wrapped in waxed paper or plastic shrink-wrapped, depending on the method of transportation. Customer specific packing requirements can also be met.


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