Ovako’s flat bars combine precisely controlled manufacturing processes for superior impact toughness, good surfaces and high yield strength across a range of applications. The bars are characterized by excellent straightness and shape as well as good surfaces and low decarburization. Hot-rolled flat bars are delivered in a broad dimension range.

The rolled shape is generally flat bars with square corner edges. It can on request also be rolled as flat bars with different corner radiuses. The tolerances on dimensions for flat bars fulfil the European standard EN 10058. Our rolling mills have excellent capability to produce even tighter tolerances. The most common bar length is 6 metres, but can also range from 2.8 to 21 metres, depending on size and the producing rolling mill. Heat treatments may restrict the maximum length. Bars can be delivered sawn to exact lengths.

The out of straightness is measured and our flat bars comply with European Standard EN 10058 as-rolled, but it can also be delivered in the as-straightened condition.

Further information about the dimensions for flat bars.

Informative image: flat steel

Hot-rolled spring steel flat bars

Ovako delivers hot-rolled spring steel flat bars that are in accordance to European Standard EN-10092-1 (Profile A, B, C). The steel used in Ovako’s flat bars for spring manufacturing has very low levels of non-metallic inclusions and optimal hardenability. This contributes to a favorable yield to tensile strength ratio in the quenched and tempered condition – a combination of properties that provides exactly the right qualities for the end product.

Advantages of Ovako’s flat bars

  • Superior impact toughness
  • Bars can be delivered sawn to exact lengths
  • Optimal hardenability in flat bars for spring manufacturing


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