The range of rolled bars is restricted in size due to several parameters relating to the size range of our rolling mills as well as reduction rates and center homogeneity. In our heavy rolling from ingots we currently offer bars up to 160 mm outer diameter, mainly due to the internal issues.

We do however also roll larger sizes, which then are billets for further processing as in ring or tube rolling. For our largest rings we even make forged bars from Ingots.

To expand the external offering of heavy bars, we are now developing our routes for forging and heavy rolling. This new product will combine the center homogeneity of forged bars with the surface and outer tolerance of rolled bars.

We will stepwise expand our size range. At first up to 230 mm outer diameter round bar.

Rolled/Forged bar

Advantages Forged/Rolled Bar (Combining both processes)

  • Improved centre soundness compared to rolled only
  • Improved dimension tolerances compared to forging only
  • Improved surface quality compared to forged only


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