How we contribute to SDG3

  • We continuously work to improve our safety culture and create even safer working environments through the group-wide Safety Standard.

How we contribute to SDG4

  • Ongoing professional development of our employees.
  • Collaboration with local educational providers in the areas
    where we operate.

How we contribute to SDG5

  • Continuous efforts to increase diversity in gender, ethnicity, age etc. in our operations and managerial positions.
informative image: environment
informative image: environment

How we contribute to SDG6

  • Recycling of process water used in production.
  • Treatment of discharged process water in internal treatment plants.

How we contribute to SDG7

  • Production based on fossil-free electricity.
  • Excess heat is sold to district heating plants.
  • Our steel products enable lighter steel components, which result
    in more energy efficient end-products.

How we contribute to SDG8

  • We follow collective agreements, promote human rights and a good working environment.

How we contribute to SDG9

  • Through research and development, Ovako contributes to new, more sustainable products.
  • With our new hydrogen initiative, we will showcase a possible infrastructure for fuel cells vehicles.
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informative image: environment

How we contribute to SDG12

  • Our production is based on 97 % recycled steel.
  • Through continuous improvements, we are reducing our emissions to air and water.
  • Our manufacturing processes provide steel products with a reduced carbon footprint.

How we contribute to SDG13

  • Counterbalance all scope 1 and 2 with carbon offset
  • Our products have few impurities, which enables manufacturing of smaller and lighter components, resulting in climate-smart products.