Climate-Smart Products

The demand for climate-smart products continues to increase. Ovako’s products give customers unique opportunities that provide better performance, lower production and maintenance costs and improved climate profiles.

Ovako’s premium steel is one of the cleanest on the market. Inclusions and defects in the steel are minimized during the manufacturing process, resulting in highly clean steel with better fatigue strength than conventional steel. This enables customers to develop advanced solutions for components that are lighter and stronger, and have a longer service life. This means that Ovako helps customers to create better product solutions with lower environmental impact.

Products that prove their environmental credentials.

decorative image: wind turbines
informative image: metal purity graph


When using Ovako´s steel, customers are also saving CO2 emissions because the carbon footprint for a hot rolled bar is 80 % lower than the global average. For every ton purchased, two tons of CO2 emissions are saved. Read more in the Climate section and in the article : “There is a difference between steel and steel”