Use of Chemical Substances

Ovako has a proactive process for reviewing and assessing chemicals, and one of the objectives is that the use of chemicals in the production will not harm the environment or the health and safety of our employees and other persons as well as be in compliance with applicable European and national chemical legislation. Ovako has implemented a management system, which covers the use of chemical substances throughout the entire organization. The main objectives of the system is to actively reduce the use of hazardous chemical substances throughout Ovako’s production processes by proactive substitute  to less hazardous chemicals and by ensuring safety measures when needed. The system covers purchasing, use, storage and waste handling. 

All products as well as the use of chemicals meet the requirements of European and national legislation, including REACH, the RoSH directive, EU Biocides regulation, POP regulation and GADSL as well as U.S. Toxic Substances Control Act (“TSCA”) and Californian Proposition 65. No substances listed in REACH Annex XIV are used in the productions process except Chromium trioxide that is used in at the Cromax sites. The use of Chromium trioxide is granted according to REACH (Authorization; REACH/20/18/10, REACH/20/18/11, REACH/20/18/13).

Ovako has registered all of its products that must be registered under REACH. The registered products are all by-products, namely mill scale, iron sulphate and electric arc furnace slag. In relation to all other chemical substances used, Ovako is a downstream user and therefore should not be registered in REACH.

Steel products are considered as articles under the European Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 REACH. All intentionally added alloying elements in Ovako products with the exception of nickel are not classified as hazardous. The alloying elements in low alloyed steel are firmly bonded in its chemical matrix. Due to this bonding and to the presence of a protective oxide film the release of any of the constituents is very low and negligible when the steel is used appropriately. 

For more information on the Ovakos use of chemicals read the below statements.

A statement on use of chemical substances for Ovako Sweden AB (Hällefors and Hofors), Ovako Bar AB (Smedjebacken and Boxholm) and Ovako Imatra Oy AB

A statement on use of chemical substances for Ovako Cromax (Hallstahammar, Redon and Molinella)


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